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Solar Energy

​We are committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a minimum of 50% within ten years. In 2020, the church constructed a photovoltaic solar farm on the campus.  The system provides almost all of the electrical needs for the entire campus. Click the button below to see a real time estimate of the energy our solar panels are producing.


See Directory Posted in Building Lobby



Whitemarsh Learning occupies the second oldest building on St. Thomas' 42-acre campus in Fort Washington.  St. Thomas' was founded in 1698.  The original portion of the building which served as Ellen Sheaff's was completed in 1855, and was later expanded to connect to the oldest remaining building on campus, the "Corner House."  Whitemarsh Learning and its Corner House neighbor are pictured at left, with popular neighborhood spot Magerk's Pub pictured in the background.  Magerk's was formerly known as The Bent Elbow, but that's a lesson for a different day.

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