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Here When You Need to Meet

Be Well Whitemarsh is both our wish and also the name of our flexible, on-demand office solution for professionals needing small group meeting space.  Members include wellness and health coaches, counselors and therapists.  Starting at just $75 per month, Be Well memberships provide busy mental health professionals with well appointed offices only during the time that they need it for in-person appointments.  Each office is professionally designed to promote calm and openness during counseling sessions, with a capacity for up to 5 people. There are also group meeting rooms that can accommodate larger groups.

Furnished Meeting Room

Comfortable Meeting Rooms

Design matters.  Our meeting spaces are designed with client therapy in mind, curated with decor that evokes feeling home, comfortable and secure.  We believe that the right design can promote openness.

A Place of Welcome

We have Wi-Fi.  We have coffee.  We have printing.  And you and your guests will have them too!  You can drink coffee when we open a 8:30 AM, but we'll cut you off when we close at 9:00 PM -- we want you to stay healthy after all...

Central Location, Campus Feel

Our building is conveniently located just a few minutes from Route 309, fewer than 10 minutes from the Turnpike.  Situated on a beautiful 42-acre campus, Be Well is an ideal setting for your practice.


If you fear long term commitments, you don't have to run.  Instead, you'll appreciate that we don't require any long term commitments.  Change your plan or cancel anytime.


Be Well Whitemarsh is purpose built to support the space needs of telehealth providers and health and wellness practitioners.

Find Us

We're 5 minutes from 309 and PA Turnpike.  Click below for driving directions and parking details.


Don't see an answer to your question in our FAQ?  Then tell us your burning questions and let us answer!

  • What types of professionals join Be Well?
    All sorts of health and wellness practitioners find value in membership, particularly on-demand access to comfortable meeting suites, as well as a professional place to do business.
  • Does Be Well have offices in other locations?
    Be Well has offices in Whitemarsh and Upper Dublin to serve professionals and their clients in Suburban Philadelphia. We are evaluating sites for expansion to serve other locales within suburban Philadelphia.
  • Once I join, how do I know where to go?  Will there be an orientation session?"
    Once you join Be Well, you will receive online access to our Orientation Program. Our goal is to have you feeling 100% confident before your first visit that you know how everything works, and you know how to find what you need during your visit. We'll also offer you the opportunity for an in-person session to learn the ropes!
  • So is this a group practice?
    No, Be Well is not a group practice. It is a shared office space environment that is configured and managed in a way that suits the specific needs of health and wellness practitioners who need to meet with their clients in a professional setting
  • What's the process to get started?
    1) Come learn about our space and our community of health and wellness practitioners. Check out one of our open houses, or schedule a visit by emailing us at 2) Choose a plan that works for you. Change anytime. Cancel anytime. 3) Complete our membership application. If your application is not approved, we will refund you 100%. Our application process is designed for the safety of fellow members and to meet the requirements of our facility.
  • What happens if my needs change?
    We are built to be flexible. Be Well is committed to helping you maximize the value that you receive from your membership. You are welcome to change your membership plan at any time by emailing management ( You may cancel at anytime. All changes take effect on the first day of the month which follows 30 days notice.
  • What's the WiFi situation?
    We have very fast Internet. You and your guests are welcomed to use it. We provide a handy sheet in our Members Welcome Kit.
  • Can I print at Be Well?
    We offer our members free printing, but please be a good neighbor and print responsibly!
  • Is the office staffed during regular hours?
    There are not on-site administrative staff.
  • Is there a kitchen?  Is there coffee?
    There is a kitchen with a full size refrigerator, a microwave and a big Keurig machine with complimentary coffee provided by the building.
  • Is it really true that the building is powered by a solar farm?
    Yes, that's true. Glad you asked!
  • What happens if the space is booked when I need it?
    It could happen, but we try really hard to not let this happen. Our first line of defense is that we operate multiple meeting spaces so that we have ample inventory. We also cap our membership. We currently cap our membership at 80% office utilization rate to assure that all of our members have ample access to the space.
  • What must I do at the start and end of every reservation?
    As you will learn well in our Orientation Program, we are all about standardized procedures. We emphasize the importance of a welcoming first impression and we want all of our guests to feel respected by a high quality impression when they arrive. Our arrival and departure checklists are short, but also super helpful.
  • How do I reserve an office?
    You will use our member's only reservation app to book your office reservations.
  • How often are the offices cleaned?  How is the facility handling pandemic-related safety concerns?
    Our facility has adopted precautions in response to the pandemic. All building occupants are required to practice social distancing according to health department guidelines. Mask use is as directed by County Health Department & CDC, whichever guideline is more stringent at the time. Members (and all other building occupants) are required to clean and disinfect all commonly touched surfaces after each use. Each office is supplied with a generous supply of disinfectants and hand sanitizer, and we encourage their use. The facility’s common areas are currently cleaned twice per week, to consist of dusting, vacuuming, trash removal, and disinfectant use on some but not all surfaces. Be Well’s office is cleaned at the conclusion of each reservation.
  • In the event that I do not want to meet inside due to a rise in COVID cases, what options do I have?"
    We have some outdoor meeting capabilities at St Thomas' 42-acre campus, and we have set plans to introduce more outdoor seating in the yard space immediately next to the building.
  • Do I need to provide proof of child clearances? Tell me about community safety requirements?
    Due to the fact that we share a campus with a preschool, we require proof of child clearances., We feel that this location is not appropriate for hosting clients with predatory behavior or violent tendencies.
  • How about parking?
    The beautiful campus of St. Thomas has several parking lots and buildings. To ensure there’s no confusion once your guests arrive onto the campus, members are encouraged to include instructions about navigating to the office during their visit. Appointment confirmations and email reminders are great places to include this information. You can include in calendar invites too. The link provides driving directions as well as step-by-step navigation from parking lot to the facility. There is a designated parking lot along Camp Hill Road. The spaces directly in front of the Building are reserved for handicapped parking, for those requiring assistance, and 15 minute loading. Upon arrival to the facility, your guests will use a digital code to enter the building. They will check in at the iPad kiosk and await your welcome in our waiting room.
  • Can I refrigerate my lunch?
    Be Well features a kitchenette with a full-size refrigerator. The facility requires that items be bagged with name, but you are free to store your food items in the refrigerator.
  • Where do I greet my guests?
    There is a waiting room for your guests.
  • What is the meeting space capacity?
    Our therapy offices seat up to 5 people. Larger group meeting rooms with comfortable seating are also available when needed. Additional rates apply.
  • Is the facility ADA compliant?
    Our suite is on the ground floor. While the building is not fully compliant to current ADA standards, we are eager to coordinate arrangement for any of you or your guests needs. Please be aware that we are told that the facility is not fully ADA-compliant. This should be specified when making arrangements with your guests, and Be Well’s management team will be pleased to help help you make arrangements in an alternative location that is accessible for those with mobility challenges.
  • What about my mail?
    Members of Be Well Whitemarsh may publish Whitemarsh Learning Center as your place of service, use the address for billing and/or collect other business-related mail at the building. E-commerce package delivery acceptance service is not provided at the building. Mail is collected into a common, unsecured and unsorted box and we encourage members to check the box frequently for their mail.
  • What happens if mail gets sent to the office?
    We encourage you to have mail delivered to another address. However, if occasional mail is delivered, you are responsible for it's retrieval in a prompt manner. Please understand that with multiple practitioners based out of the facility, delivering your mail to the building creates some organizational challenges.
  • Is there storage room for supplies?
    Yes, each member at the Whitemarsh location may enjoy complimentary on-site storage using an assigned 11x11 storage cube in our shared closet.
  • Is there on-site storage available for my client files?
    Our members are prohibited from storing client files on site as a prevention against the risk of HIPAA violations.

Join Us!

7002 Camp Hill Road, Bldg 7020
Fort Washington, PA 19034

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.
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