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Here When You Need to Meet

Be Well Whitemarsh is both our wish and also the name of our flexible, on-demand office solution for professionals needing small group meeting space.  Members include wellness and health coaches, counselors and therapists.  Starting at just $75 per month, Be Well memberships provide busy mental health professionals with well appointed offices only during the time that they need it for in-person appointments.  Each office is professionally designed to promote calm and openness during counseling sessions, with a capacity for up to 5 people. There are also group meeting rooms that can accommodate larger groups.

Furnished Meeting Room

Comfortable Meeting Rooms

Design matters.  Our meeting spaces are designed with client therapy in mind, curated with decor that evokes feeling home, comfortable and secure.  We believe that the right design can promote openness.

A Place of Welcome

We have Wi-Fi.  We have coffee.  We have printing.  And you and your guests will have them too!  You can drink coffee when we open a 8:30 AM, but we'll cut you off when we close at 9:00 PM -- we want you to stay healthy after all...

Central Location, Campus Feel

Our building is conveniently located just a few minutes from Route 309, fewer than 10 minutes from the Turnpike.  Situated on a beautiful 42-acre campus, Be Well is an ideal setting for your practice.


If you fear long term commitments, you don't have to run.  Instead, you'll appreciate that we don't require any long term commitments.  Change your plan or cancel anytime.


Be Well Whitemarsh is purpose built to support the space needs of telehealth providers and health and wellness practitioners.

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